Vancouver, Cascadia, Occupied Coast Salish Territories


Conceived at the juncture of theatre and transcendence, the Institute embodies the razorous edge of contemporary performative acts, applying a theory of critical interconnection honed by generations of failed BC lower mainland performance art collectives.  The Institute brings your eyes new photons, your ears new sonons and your brains new thought-ons.  And it does it better than anybody else was doing it last month.


Religion is dead.  Art is confused.  The scientific method is corrupted by cancerous doubt.  Amid the disconnecting shards of a self-destructing empire the so-called British Columbia longs for a purpose, light, manifesto; a source of the fix for the addiction called progress; a program for the software that seeks the truth in all of us.

Thereto the Institute is here to provide.

A path.  A purpose.  The end of art.  The beginning of Design.


Each presentation of the Institute is custom-curated for the ultimate in experiential sensation-phenomena.  Nursing our troubled politic back to health through the institutionalization of contemporary art, the Cascadian Institute brings you exmersion from the boring… and immersion in the awesome.


At The Institute, we believe that all of us, whether using our eyes, ears, muscles or myofascia, is a participant in the Process of Cultural Design.  By attending our shows, you join together with performers, directors and executives in the Studenthood of the Institute.

We are The Institute.  They are The Institute.  You are The Institute.