Monsterkill 5: ReMonsterkilled

(or, We Were the Empty Set)

BOOM!  The Institute presents to you… the ultimate play about whack-em-ups!

In the neon realm of Scapescape, five virtual avatars repeatedly kill each other under the auspices of the domineering Intercom and its fragile crony Peon. But this game is way too old. It’s time for new rules.  Tickets available here!


Marissa Burton as Superdisciple

Charlie Cook as Blue

Abbey St. Brendan as Ultramon & Intercom

AJ Birtwistle as Sneakysneaky12

Tim Kozody as Hacksassin

Riaan Smit as Peon

Photo, Video and Lighting Design by Rebal Magrbhi

Script and Direction by Matt Horrigan


Havana Theatre
1212 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC

Tuesday October 30th
Saturday November 3rd


Find the event here!